Studio Kukkapuro——Shanghai
Studio Kukkapuro Shanghai was the first Studio in China, established in Sept. of 2011, total 360 square meters include 2 floors.

All design works in this studio were originally from Helsinki Finland, all of them were the old prototypes or the old used pieces.

Yrjo Kukkapuro is a contemporary design master and a prominent functionalist. He is one of the first designers to introduce ergonomics into modern furniture design. His work has been praised as functional, simple, elegant, clean, graceful and tasteful, fully expressing the minimalist Scandinavian style. He considers ecology, ergonomics and aesthetics to be the three key elements in furniture design, and hopes that his designs can be comfortable, reliable and durable. All of these aspects are closely related to ecology for Kukkapuro.

His works have been selected for inclusion in the collections of the world’s most distinguished museums, including New York’s Museum of Modern Art and Germany’s Vitra Design Museum, maintaining the timeless quality of the work despite their age.

Adhering to his own design style and concepts, Kukkapuro designs the most comfortable furniture. At the same time, he emphasizes ecology and economics, using the least amount of materials to achieve the perfect function. His early works are still in production, and reaffirm his ecological, classic and timeless values.

Studio Address: #6,Lane 865,Shenglong road,Jiufu Eco&Dev. zone, Jiuting town,Songjiang district, Shanghai, China

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