Project Name: Altavia (Shanghai)

Completed Time2015

Products: Aura、iinou、Shanghai Table、Minimi、Moderno、Sirkus、Bondo


Aura is a harmonius and cozy 2-seater sofa, it surrounds you and is perfect for creating peaceful interiors. Due to its high back the tempting and sympathetic Aura also works as a divider. The disclosed structure makes Aura characteristic and interesting. Aura lounge chair now also available.


iinou series products have been designed by Finnish Jouni Leino Since 1997, but it was completed until 2012 at the Helsinki Exhibition , the products presented in a pleasant form of attention once again. The 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair , he received high praise from the design community.

Shanghai Tabel

Following this tradition Ilkka Suppanen has developed with Avarte a high and side table table for the meeting and exhibition areas of the Finnish Pavilion Kirnu at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. Avarte had been core supplier of the Pavilion.


MINIMI was hand-made of high quality red oak wood by wood craft master. The simple shape and excellent timber splicing technology make people generate infinite reverie. Minimi can be used in bars, clubs, informal meeting and other spaces and can be also the collection of furniture collectors.


The form of the series is based on the bent steel tube structure. On top of the steel structure a thin veneer is stapled and a 20 mm foam padding is upholstered on top.


Sirkus series, with several variants and fulfilled for different requirements, was developed in early 80’s. Sirkus is a “pure chair”, which combines the simple design and unique decorative effect. The different colors of accessories can be used in different spaces, to achieve the vivid integration of shape and color. Sirkus was permanent collected by Israeli Jerusalem Museum in 1990.


The Bondo table was available in three sizes.The light structure, beveled table top edge and soft shape create an aerial impressio. The tables overlap each other slightly which allows for organic layouts. The small side table is to be used as a laptop or writing table in groups that consists of safas and armchairs.

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