Project Name: Lenovo Group
Project Location: Changle Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo
Completed Time:2015

Products:Funktus, moderno, Taitos, Aura, IC, Ellen Lounge, etc.


Funktus Series was designed for Helsinki Opera House in 1992 by Mr. Kukkapuro. Funktus is simple, clean, elegant and comfortable, which perfectly reflects Scandinavia design style. It has strong characters and the structure is as precise as mathematic. By continually experimentation of ergonomic so it can combine function, structure and artistic smoothly. At the beginning Funktus matched opera house perfectly, and then based on the same design concept Mr. Kukkapuro developed more series products so they can fulfill different spaces.


Theform of the series is based on the bent steel tube structure. On top of thesteel structure a thin veneer is stapled and a 20 mm foam padding isupholstered on top.

Taitos wasinspired by origami. When made origami in his studio, the designer decided touse beautiful origami creases in chair. Taitos series includes seat, bar chair,bench, can be applied to restaurants, reading and training, conference andother spaces.


Aura is a harmonius and cozy 2-seater sofa, it surrounds you and is perfect for creating peaceful interiors. Due to its high back the tempting and sympathetic Aura also works as a divider. The disclosed structure makes Aura characteristic and interesting. Aura lounge chair now also available.


Gispen IC shows you the essence of a table. The tables are minimalistic, yet containing all the essentials. Its design complies with all necessary ergonomic standards.Gispen IC offers variation. The tables are multifunctional. It applies to negotiation and conference area. The Gispen IC system/table offers fixed and variable table heights. The legs are adjustable or fixed.

Ellen Lounge

People should be able to find their own way around a building, using their own intuition. There is an appropriate speed for every activity in an organisation. wherever a variety of activities are taking place, Ellen provides shelter in a busy open environment.

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