Project Name: Ningbo International Shipping Service Center
Project Location: Changle Road, Jiangdong District, Ningbo
Completed Time:2009

Products:V100, Richter, Ateljee sofa, Ventus, Web, etc.

Ningbo International Shipping Service Center was founded in October, 2006 by Ningbo Government, the goal of which is to develop and perfect the system of shipping market, improve the modern service industry in Ningbo, improve customs clearance efficiency as well as reduce logistics cost. 


Pioneered a new form of sofa, the design of Ateljee in 60’s is very modern even in now. The design features includes delicate, simple and diversity. Diversified materials, color, structure constitute many kinds of Ateljee. The original structure makes it diversity. The standard accessories make it easy to manufacture, packing, assemble and transport. 

Vision 100 
Vision 100 series, designed according to the principles of ergonomics, represents the best technology. Consisting of different shapes and sizes desktop, Vision 100 was designed for small office and meeting and leisure spaces, the lively lines of which suitable for all kinds of spaces. 
With red, yellow, and blue trims, Vision 100, elegant and good functional, has the function of anti-collision and decoration. 


Delicate, simple, diversity and modularity has been the design principle of the Nordic style of design. The designer of Richter advocates the idea of nature and eternity and made Richter noble and elegant. The soft plywood and tough steel frame of Richter are the result of the best materials and exquisite technology.

The design of WEB desk breaks the traditional restraint. The Web desk is easy to be maintained and moved due to the roller shutter door and the active wheels, which can be used in office, publish space and at home.


Professor Kukkapuro uses a kind of light girder structure when design this chair, thus the small contact area with ground make the chair is easy to clean. Besides, with the girder structure, Ventus can arbitrary combine with each other. The seat was pressed by plywood. The accessories are developed based on ergonomics, thus Ventus is very comfortable even after long time using.

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