Project Name:Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute
Location: Shenzhen City, China
Completed Time: 2013

Product: Funktus, Karuselli, Ateljee 

Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute was established on 2002 by Dr. Xu Buo Ming, who was visiting professor to Politecnico Milano and a professor from Nanjing Forestry University. Shenzhen Furniture Design Institute was designed by Yjro kukkapuro, a design master from Finnland, in 2005. Since then, the institute already assists more than 200 furniture companies, brands in many ways, including branding, furniture design, brand image design, commercial space planning and so on.  


Karuselli was on the front cover of Domus in1966.

Permanent collection of Victorial and Albertmuseum, London, 1971.

The most comfortable chair of New York, 1974.

Permanent collection of Vitra design museum,Switzerland, 1991.

Was part of “Art at Work” postage stamp bookletin Finland, 1998.

One of the most favorite 18 objects by designersall over the world of New York Time,1998.

One of the most important 99 design objects inthe 20th century, Paris, 1999.

Karuselli was on the front cover of PLAZA,England, 2005.

Was selected “ 8 hours life” Concept of FutureOffice Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2006.

Funktus Series was designed for Helsinki Opera House in 1992 by Mr. Kukkapuro. Funktus is simple, clean, elegant and comfortable, which perfectly reflects Scandinavia design style. It has strong characters and the structure is as precise as mathematic. By continually experimentation of ergonomic so it can combine function, structure and artistic smoothly. At the beginning Funktus matched opera house perfectly, and then based on the same design concept Mr. Kukkapuro developed more series products so they can fulfill different spaces.

Pioneered a new form of sofa, the design of Ateljee in 60’s is very modern even in now. The design features includes delicate, simple and diversity. Diversified materials, color, structure constitute many kinds of Ateljee. The original structure makes it diversity. The standard accessories make it easy to manufacture, packing, assemble and transport.

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