Project Name: Sundrun Group
Project Location: 10 Floor, #B, No.18 Dirun Road, Zhengdong New District,Zhengzhou, Henan Province
Completed Time:2014
Products:Moderno, Taitos, Saturnus

Sundrun Group, founded in 2004, is a real estate company, concentrating oncity construction and real estate industry development. 

With the unique perception of aesthetic and design skills, thedesigner finds new point of view and combines form, material and color. With the principle of practicality, function andhumanized management, the space was parted according to ergonomics andfurniture sizes to meet the functional requirements of various departments andimprove work efficiency. 


Theform of the series is based on the bent steel tube structure. On top of thesteel structure a thin veneer is stapled and a 20 mm foam padding isupholstered on top.


Taitos wasinspired by origami. When made origami in his studio, the designer decided touse beautiful origami creases in chair. Taitos series includes seat, bar chair,bench, can be applied to restaurants, reading and training, conference andother spaces.


Saturnus was designed by Kukkapuro.The base of Saturnus is composed of two glass steel bases. Saturnus has manysizes by combining different sizes of bases and tops. 

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