Project Name:Xuzhuo Industrial Design Center
Location: Xuzhuo City, China

Completed Time: 2010

Product: Karuselli, Fuktus, V-100, V-200, Fysio, Plaano, Siluet

Xuzhuo Industrial Design Center is a model enterprise in Jiangsu Province. As a innovation platform, the Center communicates actively to the public about industrial design to enhance the industry development. 

Karuselli was on the front cover of Domus in 1966.
Permanent collection of Victorial and Albert museum, London, 1971.
The most comfortable chair of New York, 1974.
Permanent collection of Vitra design museum, Switzerland, 1991.
Was part of “Art at Work” postage stamp booklet in Finland, 1998.
One of the most favorite 18 objects by designers all over the world of New York Time,1998.
One of the most important 99 design objects in the 20th century, Paris, 1999.
Karuselli was on the front cover of PLAZA, England, 2005.
Was selected “ 8 hours life” Concept of Future Office Exhibition, Shanghai, China, 2006.

Vision 100 series, designed according to the principles of ergonomics, represents the best technology. Consisting of different shapes and sizes desktop, Vision 100 was designed for small office and meeting and leisure spaces, the lively lines of which suitable for all kinds of spaces. 

With red, yellow, and blue trims, Vision 100, elegant and good functional, has the function of anti-collision and decoration.

The V-200XL Series was designed by AVRTE China and AVARTE Finland together. The design concept of V-200 came from Yjro Kukkapuro, Jarkko Reiman and other Chinese technical staffs. V-200 Series are included tables and cabinets, and both have various combination so that can fulfill different spaces and requirement.  

Funktus Series was designed for Helsinki Opera House in 1992 by Mr. Kukkapuro. Funktus is simple, clean, elegant and comfortable, which perfectly reflects Scandinavia design style. It has strong characters and the structure is as precise as mathematic. By continually experimentation of ergonomic so it can combine function, structure and artistic smoothly. At the beginning Funktus matched opera house perfectly, and then based on the same design concept Mr. Kukkapuro developed more series products so they can fulfill different spaces.

Fysio was designed during 1970s, and based on body curve. Looking from the side, people can see the beauty of curve. By adjusting the height of headrest, Fysio is suitable for user from 150cm to 190cm.
1979  As a permanent collection of Kiasma - Museum of Contemporary Art

1983  As a permanent collection of Museum of Art and Industry Hamburg

Mr. Kukkapuro studied various figures sitting gesture, and considers the body curve, the weight and so on. By using separated cushions, the waist, back and head can be totally supported so the user can sit on it properly. This is a product remain both solemnity and texture.


 This filing cabinet system was designed by Jarkko Reiman during 1997 to 1999, it is different from traditional design of filing cabinet, using new structure which make the product unique. Siluet series insist on the design idea of moldular. We could offer customized filing cabinets by adjusting the height of cabinet and color of cabinet door to meet the client's different requirement.

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