Project Name:Wuhan Architectural Design Institute 
Location: Wuhan City, China
Completed Time: 2009

Product: Salina, Maja

Wuhan Architectural Design Institute (now called CITIC General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.) was established on Oct. 1st, 1952. As one of the largest state-owned design organizations when the new China was founded, it is now one of the major comprehensive architectural design institutes with Grade A Certificate for Engineering Design, Urban Planning, Engineering Design Examination and Engineering Consultation.

In 1980s, the institute became the Pilot Unit for Design System Reform and Pilot Unit for Total Quality Control (TQC) in the national construction system. In 1992, it was found among the China’s Top 100 Survey and Design Units in terms of comprehensive power assessed jointly by the Ministry of Construction and the National Bureau of Statistics. In 1994, it became the first design unit in China that adopted computer-aided engineering design methods. In 2000, it passed ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification and was allowed the right to register; in 2002, it joined CITIC.Maja

In 2007 Maja was designed by Teemu Karhunen, who is the assistance of Yjro Kukkapuro. Because of learning with Kukkapuro, Karhunen also follows the typical Scandinavian style, which is focus on simple, esthetics and ergonomics. 

Jenni Roininen designed Salina in 2006, and it is a minimalistic, elegant and light auditorium chair. Salina has been carefully designed and easily adjustable to meet the demands of different auditoriums or electricity needs.

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