Experience gained over more than fifty years has been incorporated into PRO: our family company started producing school furniture back in the 1950s. Within a short space of time, the name Fl?totto became synonymous with a new form of dynamic seating thanks to the flexible, ergonomic seat shell made from pagwood. The Flototto shaped seat that accompanied generations is still a piece of sophisticated culture for every day and has secured Flototto a place in design history. We have sold over 21 million chairs since 1950.
This wealth of experience has been incorporated into the development of an innovative model: the PRO chair. With its intelligent design, the PRO chair utilises the elements of the successful plywood model: in cooperation with internationally renowned designer Konstantin Grcic, we have taken up and mastered the challenge of developing a chair that combines functionality, ergonomics and design in a contemporary way. This has resulted in PRO, which integrates knowledge gained from the latest studies on active sitting: the polypropylene seat shell of the award-winning chair ensures constant movement when sitting and gets the user active. Versatile – ideal for your home, the property market or schools – PRO supports healthy sitting and brings together freedom, posture and design standards.
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