Kimmo Koskivaara

Kimmo Koskivaara was born in Espoo, Finland in 1971. He studied interior architecture and furniture design at Lahti Institute of Design. During his studies in Lahti he was practicing furniture design at Studio Nurmesniemi in Helsinki instructed by professor Antti Nurmesniemi.

After graduating in 1998 he started his own design company Koskivaara Design Ltd. At year 2000 he started co-operation with another interior design company Koon Design Ltd. The two companies formed a design team Monni/Koskivaara Interior Architects to design office interiors and furniture.

Monni/Koskivaara Interior Architects has designed for example many office interiors for global corporations, interiors to Helsinki Airport and an office furniture family called Avia for the Swedish EFG. The latest project was an office interior design for Metso corporation to Jiaxing in China.

Kimmo Koskivaara designs mainly office spaces and he has a profound understanding of the ways of working in modern offices. In addition he is very aware of the latest trends in office furniture design. Sometimes in his projects he encounters needs to improvement and starts to find out a solution for it. The Meetable table is a unique solution that improves the functionality of a meeting table with a fresh, beautiful looks.

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