Memorial Karuselli Chair 50 Anniversaries, The deadline for August 1st

In honour of Karuselli chair`s 50thanniversary which designed in 1964 by designer Yrjo Kukkapuro, Avarte will launch 50 special edition Karuselli chairs in 2014 for its fans!

Special Edition will use Elmo leather (Nordic), and laser print designer`s signature, design year, chair name, edition numbers onits stainless steel support frame!

Special Edition could be preordered from 15thJune 2014 for collectors, AVARTE and Yrjo Kukkapuro will also issue collecting certificate for its collectors!

The quantity of Memorial Karuselli chairs collection section is limited,  please contact us soon. Shanghai AVARTTE Furniture Co., Ltd thanks for your support!

For more information, please contact: Frankni Tel: 0086-21-67691495 

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