Sino-Finnish Design Park

Located in the Funian Square of Futian Bonded Zone, Shenzhen, the Sino-Finnish Design Park was opened in 28th November, 2014. 

More than 100 officials and well-known design professionals attended the opening ceremony and visited the Sino-Finnish Design Park and the settled enterprises.

activity scene of Sino-Finnish Design Park opening ceremony

One is the reform and open “window” city that located in the South China, the other is the Nordic famous historical city that was called “daughter of the Baltic”, Shenzhen and Helsinki, share the common pursuit for innovation and eco-friendly, cooperate with each other through the Sino-Finnish Design Park.

Chen Biao, the Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen

The park is part of cooperation efforts between Shenzhen and Helsinki, after Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin signed a joint memorandum of understanding with Helsinki Mayor Jussi Pajunen in June, 2013.

Jussi Pajunen, the Mayor of Helsinki

Isa Kukkapuro, Yrjo Kukkapuro’s daughter

The design park has a range of different services within its six floors: a public service platform, an innovative-projects incubator for young designers, international design talent training and certification center, and the headquarters for several international design companies.


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