FLOTOTTO is a family-run company in its fourth generation. Our multi-award-winning products are made in eastern Westphalia. We have been passionate about producing high-quality furniture for over 100 years.
Inno was founded in 1975 and started by importing high quality design accessories to Finland. The manufacturing of Inno's own product assortment started right after
Today Inno is a manufacturer of a wide range of furniture and accessories which all represent the very best of Finnish modern design. Inno does not only work with known designers, it has actually been a spring board for several Finnish product designers.
The owner of the company, Harri Korhonen, is an interior architect who has a high personal interest in product design. He has a clear vision of different yet functional environments. This has also been the land mark for the company's success. 
Inno's aim is to develop innovative products of high quality to meet the most demanding requirements of public interiors. "We strongly believe that a good product has to give more than a look and a function, it has to feel right".
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